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Common Rule

Rakion Supports not just one-way but various ways of modes in game plays.

It has common rule and additional rules depending on the modes.

  • Common Rule : Common rule used all game
  • Mode Rule : Additional rules depending on the game modes

Rakion published as a real time strategy combat action game

and designed to go through two or three steps to win one round. It's good to win the battle as a single. But to gain the victory as a team depending situation is the rakion's final goal.

  • Gamers join red team or blue team and compete with each other. The maximum number of each team is 10.
  • The team that accomplishes the given missions wins one round.
  • Dead character can revive after the appointed minutes.
  • One game consist of rounds of 4~6 and reward with game points.

The developers of the Rakion wanted to emphasize that they created this game to give a user the real sense of playing the games they enjoy.

Not those games where you spend countless hours playing but without any joy.

These common rules are what makes the game real and fun.

Reward system

Rakion is a combat action game but gamers can get experience points and gold from rounds like a RPG game. They buy items and equip different items on their characters that affect stats. This reward system is not for gamers who is repeating playing but for making contribute for their team.

  • Cp (Cell point) : Point needed to summon creature during game
  • Gold (Gold) : Currency used in Rakion, cyber money
  • Exp (Experience) : Exp needed to advance character
  • Cxp (Creature Exp) : Exp needed to advance creature character if user earns 100 Exp each creature receives 1/3 of it by Cxp.

Reward during game

Title Contents Management (individual acquirement)
Attack point Give damage to enemy Earn 50% of inflicted damage by CP
Player destruction Destroy enemy's player character Acquire opponent's 50% of max HP in CP Earn 01 Exp
Creature destruction Destroy enemy's creature Acquire creature's specified compensation CP
Death Killed by enemy during round 10% decrease in charged CP
Recovery The creature I summoned resurrects to cell due to no surrounding enemies Specified creature's 50% of summoning CP

At the end of game(when all rounds end) additionally compensated

Title Contents Management (individual acquirement)
Player Killer A player who killed opponent's team players the most in previous round (sum of kills done by yourself and creatures you summoned)

* Minimum 20
Earn 25 Gold

Earn 05 Exp
Creature Killer A player in the previous round, with the highest number of kills done on opponent's creatures and creatures fixed on maps (sum of kills done by yourself and creatures you summoned)

* Minimum 30
Earn 25 Gold

Earn 05 Exp
Penalty Policy
  • When leaving the game from places other than the waiting room(except the stage)
  • The higher your level, the more responsibility you get
  • When the number of won rounds exceeds the lost rounds, responsibility gets larger. Higher penalty.

Penalty Formula

Penalty = INT(User's level / 2) + INT((won rounds-lost rounds) * 5))
- Considered 0 when (won rounds-lost rounds) equals a minus
- Considered 0 when penalty is a minus